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Issue 11

CO’s Corner


Farewell JPJ Families,


      Our Sea Trials went relatively smooth and have since

completed two training cycle underway periods.  This part of a

ship’s life is always the most painful as we are continuously starting

and stopping equipment leading to greater wear and tear, leading to more

equipment maintenance needing to be done.  Of course this means more work

for your sailor.  And all this additional work is on top of all the training that we

are accomplishing.  It makes for some very long days at sea and even longer

days in port just to get ourselves ready to go for the next underway period.  I am very proud of how your

sailors have been taking care of business since we left the yard period.  For the month of November and

December, the ship will continue to conduct in port preparations and underway training for our two big

training cycle inspections (ULTRA-C and ULTRA-E). 


            As I wrap up what has been the most rewarding tour of my career, I want to say a special thank you to our Ombudsman and FSG.  They are easily the best I’ve ever served with and genuinely care about the crew and their families.  They work extremely hard at what often feels like a full time job, and do so with nothing more than the occasional thank you and recognition from the command at assemblies.  I have been blessed over the last 16 months.


            I leave John Paul Jones knowing the crew will be well taken care of by CDR Sam Hancock, my relief.  Every day has been exciting, every occasion has been memorable, and every sailor has proven to me why our Navy is the greatest Navy in the world.  Their hard work and dedicated hours have made John Paul Jones the finest warship in the fleet, and me the proud Commander who has had the distinct pleasure to lead them the last year and a half.  I look forward to seeing them in the future and will watch from afar as John Paul Jones continues to excel as the premier Arleigh Burke Destroyer.


I wish you all fair winds and following seas!




Christopher K. Barnes

CDR                    USN

Commanding Officer


CMC’s Corner


Hello JOHN PAUL JONES Family and Friends,
    On 07NOV08 we bid "Fair winds and following seas" to CDR Barnes and his family

and welcomed aboard our new Commanding Officer, CDR Hancock and his family.

The Holiday Season is upon us and this is my favorite time of the year.  As the holiday season is upon us so is the training cycle which will test the whole crew's skill sets and I know we'll come through with flying colors.  After ULTRA-C and ULTRA-E is over with JPJ will be celebrating ship's holiday party 5DEC08 at the Holiday Inn again this year.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there.

  I would like to extend a "Congratulations on a job well done" to the following Sailors who were recently for sustained superior performance:

COMDESRON 23 Bluejacket of the Quarter: ENFN(SW) Lariosbriones

Navy Achievement Medal:

ENS Gomez            CS1(SW) Bernal            CS1(SW) Flores
IT1(SW) Kangas        BM1(SW) Samaniego            FC2 Angulo
SK2(SW) Delossantos

Flag Letter of Commendation:

LTJG Bloecher

Letter of Commendation:

FC1(SW) Alcala        GSM2(SW) Crew            STG2(SW) Frederick
IT3 Dearorff        OS3(SW) Gorospe            GSM3 Meeks
ET3 Mounce            ET3 Weinrich            GSM3 Zuber
STGSN Boegel        ENFN Esmailka            GSMFN Floyd
DCFN Gonzalez        SN Houston                OSSN Rostan

Good Conduct Medal:

ET1(SW) Bowles        IT1(SW) Orr                FC2 Hathway
STG3 Johnson        GSM3(SW) Verdugo            ET3 Weinrich
BMSN Cagle            BMSN Mendiola            DCFN Walker


FC3 Rawdon            CS3 Fields

Very Respectfully,
CMDCM(SW) Karol M. Kramer




Happy Thanksgiving!


I love the month of November!  The fall chill is in the air (well, everywhere it seems but here in San Diego), Black Friday is approaching, the holiday lights start going up and of course the scent of the turkey dinner with all the fixings (minus cranberry sauce) are all part of why I love the holiday season .  My husband likes the Thanksgiving Day football games and my children haven’t quite figured it all out yet. 


As the holiday season begins and all of the stresses of family life, shopping, work  and a general lack of time creep up on you, take some time off.  Say no to activities that may be too much for you or your family.  After all, do you really need to go see that obscure family member or friend on the busiest night of your week after you have worked all day, ran out to get that last minute gift for so and so, and took care of your family?  By taking some time and really enjoying your holiday you may find that your stress level goes down.  If that doesn’t help, seek counseling.  In the “This Resource is for You!” section I have listed some resources to use.  If you need additional resources please let me know, and I will see what I can find.


On November 7, 2008 JPJ will be having a Change of Command Ceremony.  With this in mind I would like bid farewell to both CDR and Mrs. Barnes.  I have enjoyed working with them and wish them fair winds and following seas.  I would also like to welcome CDR Hancock and his family aboard the JPJ. 


In connection with the Change of Command I am updating the Ombudsman rosters.  If you would like to continue to receive emails and/or newsletters please send me the following information to or you can call me at 619-743-5416.  If  you have already sent me this information, thank you!  However, if I do not receive a response this will be your last newsletter.  Thank you for your help with this.


Sailor's Name:

Your Name and relationship:


Phone Number




I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday!



Heather Cox

Command Ombudsman

USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)

(619) 743-5416 OMB line

1-866-310-4650 Careline


Important Dates in History!

November is Military Family Appreciation  Month:  November is when the United States takes some time to show its appreciation to those left behind when the service member deploys.  As many of you already know from the previous year’s deployment schedule, life can be quite difficult when our loved ones are gone.  You are the  ones to make sure the children and animals are cared for and the household and cars are kept running, all while worrying about what is going on with your Sailor.  When Sailors aren’t deployed we are preparing for more deployments, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves, underway periods, or one of the many other aspects of military life that you may have come to know.  As a family member, you often don’t get to pat on the back and you definitely don’t get the promotions but you are an integral part of your Sailor’s success.  Your courage, resolve and dedication are greatly appreciated, even though you aren’t told that enough!  Thank you for the support you have shown your Sailor and as a result, the support you have shown to USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG-53), the Navy  and the United Sates. 


November 1, 1941 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt places Coast Guard under jurisdiction of Department of the Navy for duration of national emergency.


November 3, 1853 - USS Constitution seizes suspected slaver H. N. Gambrill.


November 5, 1945 - Ensign Jake C. West (VF-41) makes first jet landing on board a carrier, USS Wake Island (CVE-65).


November 6, 1942 - First officer and enlisted women from training schools report for shore duty around the USA.


November 16, 1776 - First salute to an American flag (Grand Union flag) flying from Continental Navy ship Andrew Doria, by Dutch fort at St. Eustatius, West Indies.


November 27, 1961 - Navy reports first use of its cyclotron at Harvard University to treat a human brain tumor. After three treatments, the tumor of the 2-year old patient shrank by eighty percent.


November 28, 1775 - Congress adopts first rules for regulation of the "Navy of the United Colonies."


November 29, 1890 - First Army-Navy football game (Navy won 24 to 0).




Navy Trivia:

True or False:


  “Devil to Pay” originated from shipboard life.





Ask the Ombudsman!

Question:  Are there any resources for things to do doing the upcoming holidays?  If so, where do I find them?


Answer:  There are tons of things coming up for the holidays!  In San Diego, the USO, ASYMCA, MWR and VFW Post 1512 will all be having activities for us to enjoy.  You can find information at the prospective websites or from the Holiday Program packet that I emailed out to local spouses.  If you didn’t receive the packet and would like a copy, please email me at and let me know.  Another great San Diego resources is Family Magazine.  Each month this free magazine is published with articles, events and even some coupons.  You can check it out online at  If you live out of the area do an internet search for “family magazine” and your city’s name and see if you have one for your area.   If you are looking for other local resources out of the San Diego area check out your local newspaper or base to see if you find something there.


This Resource is for You!

Counseling Services


As the holiday season approaches people quite often become overwhelmed with the activities and feelings that the season brings.  If you feel you need some help dealing with something or if you have been told to get some help by friends or family then try one of the sources below.  


Sources for Military Members and their Dependents:


Tricare  Counseling must be referred from an MD or DO and must be followed by a physician.  For more information please check out or call Tricare at one of the following Regional phone numbers:

HealthNet Federal Services, LLC                                                                1.877.874.2273
(North Region)

Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc.                                                  1.800.444.5445

(South Region)

TriWest Healthcare Alliance                                                                         1.888.874.9378

(West Region)



Chaplains    Nationwide: Call 1-877-4-1-TOUCH or check out

                     San Diego: 619- 556-1921


Fleet and Family Support Clinical counseling is short-term counseling to help you sort things out and get to the heart of the problem. It can help you come up with a plan to deal with the problem or situation you are facing. It can also help by providing contact information for other services and resources in your community. At FFSC, clinical counselors hold a masters or doctorate degree in counseling, social work, marriage and family, or psychology. These professionals are experienced and fully qualified to assist those in need.**

         Nationwide: click on Family Center Locations

                                             San Diego: (866) 923-6478; 619-556-7404; (619) 553-7505; (619) 545-6071


Military One Source  1-800-342-9647 or and click on “Counseling” on the right hand side of the screen


**Quoted from Fleet and Family Support Center’s website:


Civilian Sources:


If you are not eligible for one of the above check out your options with your physician, Social Services offices,  211,  insurance company,  or phone book. 



Ten Ways to Save $ During the Holidays


The average family spends about $900 on gifts, food and holiday decorations between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To reduce these costs try some of the following ways to save:


1. “Shop after 6 p.m. the day BEFORE the big sale. Usually the special discounts get put into the system after 6 p.m. the day before and you can beat the crowds.” says Dan Butler, Vice President of Retail Operations and merchandising with the National Retail Federation.


2. Make and send free holiday “e-cards”.


3. Shop online or at the Navy Exchange to avoid sales tax.


4. Pay cash. People who use credit cards tend to spend up to 33% more on gifts and that doesn’t include any accumulated interest.


5. Create a shopping list and stick to it. Include who you will buy for and how much you will spend.


6. Buy “family” gifts rather than individual gifts such as a croquet set, a food basket or gift card.


7. Keep it light if you have to mail your gift as it’s not unusual to spend as much on shipping as you do for the actual gift.


8. Shop for quantity rather than quality. When buying stocking stuffers go to the Dollar Store and fill a stocking for less. Buy lottery tickets for adults.


9. Bake extra batches of cookies to share with neighbors, colleagues and friends.

10. Shop for next year’s holiday supplies the day after the holidays at the 50% off sales.

Source:  "Ten Ways to Save $ During the Holidays."  IA Family Connection.  27 November 2007.    


Navy Trivia Answer:  True


Originally this denoted a specific task aboard ship such as caulking the ship's longest seam. The "Devil" was the longest seam on the ship and caulking was done with "pay" or pitch. This grueling task was despised by every seaman and the expression came to denote any unpleasant task.


Source:  Smith Sr., Daniel. "Navy Historical Facts and Trivia."  State Guard Association of the United States.  17 October 2008.     < >.       


Upcoming Holiday Events




Veterans Day Tuesday, November 11, 2008

San Diego County Veterans Day Parade starting at 11:00 am

The parade starts at Cedar Street and Pacific Highway and progresses south. More events on board Midway Magic (USS MIDWAY Museum) after the parade. More information at



VFW Post 1512 invites all single Sailors and Geo Bachelors to their post home on Thanksgiving for a free turkey dinner with all the fixings!  Don’t eat by yourself or in the Galley, join the VFW at their home.  For more information contact your Ombudsman at or 619-743-5416.

San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival: The 29th Annual San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival offers a wide variety of traditional jazz, dixieland and swing style music. 11/26 – 30.

Thanksgiving by the Bay: Celebrate Thanksgiving by the Bay at The Bahia Resort, offering an elegant brunch buffet, boat cruises on Mission Bay, and a buffet dinner featuring traditional holiday favorites. 11/27.

Thanksgiving Day Family Buffet Cruise: Try something different with your family with a Thanksgiving Day Buffet Cruise on board Hornblower Cruises. This cruise is perfect for entertaining guests and saves everyone the hard work in the kitchen. 11/27.
Thanksgiving Day Luncheon Cruise: This relaxing 2-hour bay cruise features a plated holiday style menu. 11/27.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Kona Kai Resort Hotel: Enjoy a scenic Thanksgiving 3-course lunch or dinner this holiday on beautiful Shelter Island. 11/27.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Town & Country Resort: Enjoy a champagne Thanksgiving Dinner. 11/27.



Balboa Park December Nights - San Diego's favorite kick-off to the holiday season, will take place for the 31st consecutive year on Friday, December 5, 5:00-10:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 6, noon-10:00 p.m. In the spirit of the holidays, participating Balboa Park museums open their doors free of charge from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. both evenings. The largest free community festival in San Diego, December Nights is expected to attract more than 300,000 visitors over two days.

December 13, 2008 VFW Post 1512 is hosting a Children’s Christmas Party complete with a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause when they will pass out the a gift to every child 10 and younger who RSVP’d and attends.  To RSVP please contact your Ombudsman at or 619-743-5416 before November 29, 2008.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl –December 30, 2008 check out for more information


San Diego Auto Show - Dec 31, 2008 - Jan 4, 2009 for more information check out

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights - Sunday, December 14, 2008 and Sunday, December 21, 2008
5:30 PM until 9:00 PM in San Diego Bay check out for more information.



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