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Ombudsman Newsletter

CO’s Corner


Happy Labor Day JPJ Families,


            As you know from last month’s newsletter, the ship

was  in dry dock at NASSCO shipyard and getting some much

 needed  maintenance accomplished.  The six weeks spent in the

 dry dock  were very successful, though at sea testing in October will provide the final test.  On 27 August, we moved the ship safely out of dry dock from NASSCO and over to Continental Marine San Diego Shipyard for the last three weeks of the maintenance period.   Having the ship back in the water is quite a good feeling and I know the sailors were tiring of walking up and down the dry dock multiple times a day. 


After we depart CMSD in mid September, we will conduct an additional three weeks of maintenance and testing at 32nd St Naval Station.  Our first underway will be for a few days in early October to conduct “sea trials”.  Sea trials is conducted after a major maintenance period with the contractors onboard to test all the equipment that was worked on.  It usually takes two to three days of pushing the systems to the limit to ensure they will be ready when needed, in battle.


Soon after sea trials, JPJ will commence its Training Cycle.  The first underway will take us off the coast for many, many drills and training scenario’s with a trip to Mexico sandwiched in the middle.  It will be good for the crew to get back into an “operational” frame of mind again. I really sense from the crew that they are ready to get out of the maintenance period and be a Warship again.


            Each and every sailor has been working tremendously hard over these last two months and our success is because each understands the importance of what they are doing and how it pertains to the mission.  I am very proud of each and am again very excited to take them all back to sea. 




Christopher K. Barnes

CDR                    USN

Commanding Officer


CMC’s Corner


Hello JOHN PAUL JONES Family and Friends,
    We are finally out of dry dock and I know the crew is happy they don't have to climb those

stairs anymore.  We are still not done with the yard period till middle of this month and

Engineering is getting ready for their equipment to come back on line.  It's great to see JPJ

looking like we could get underway at anytime, since that is where a ship belongs.  But before

we get back to being haze gray and underway the crew is hosting a Ship's Picnic for JPJ Family

 & Friends.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the friendly faces again and having great time.

     The Captain's Cup will be wrapping up shortly; only have flag football & softball left.  Combat System won golf with Khaki a close second.  Operations finally came through with wins in both Bowling & Billiards. ASAN Abecia was the overall Billiard champion, he was unbeatable. Khaki took the volleyball competition and has the overall lead.  Engineering, Combat Systems & Weapons are all very close second place, the winner with be decided by these last two sporting events.  Come cheer on your favorite team! 

      I would like to extend a "Congratulations on a job well done" to the following Sailors who were recently for sustained superior performance:

Navy Achievement Medal: 

EM1(SW) Chhun                                       BM1(SW) Samaniego                                       CS1(SW) Bernal
CS1(SW) Hartley                                      CS1(SW) Royster                                              SK1(SW) Robinson
STG2(SW) Rodriguez                               FC2(SW) Servin                                                SK2 Hairfield
SK2(SW) Delossantos                              SK3(SW) Atchison                                                 SH3 Perez
HT3(SW) Turner                                  SH3 Alvarez                                                   SHSN(SW) Brumfield

Good Conduct Medal: 

IT1(SW) Orr                                         CS1(SW) Hartley                                                DC2(SW) Brisson
BM3(SW) Hernandez                                BM3(SW) Chapman                                           SH3(SW) Daly
BM3(SW) Pietras                                      CS3 Mann                                                           ET3 Weinrich
SK3(SW) Atchison                                    YNSN Thomason                                                SN(SW) Hobart
SN Houston
Letter Of Commendation: 

STG2(SW) Frederick                                  ET3 Mounce                                                      FC3 Gieraltowski
OS3(SW) Gorospe                                     ET3 Sybal                                                          GSM3 Martinito
GSM3 Zuber                                               ENFN Swan                                                       SN(SW) Hobart
QMSN(SW) Earls                                       GSMFN Floyd                                                    OSSN Huntt
GMSN Boucher                                          DCFN(SW) Cummins                                        STGSN Dougher
BMSN Salas

Very Respectfully,

CMDCM(SW) Karol M. Kramer







Happy September!


            I hope you have had a pleasant summer and were able to enjoy some much deserved time

 with your Sailor.  September is as busy month for many of us since it is the beginning of school.  For everyone

driving, please be aware of the children as they get on and off  the school buses and in school zones. 


Military children have special difficulties with school years because of the number of moves that they make due to their parent’s military service.  In an effort to help create smooth transitions and to have an advocate for these children, the Navy has launched a program that has been successful for the Army and Air Force.  This program has School Liaison Officers that will work with the parents, schools and Navy to help the child succeed in school.  I have included more information for you in the This Resource is for You! section.  I have met both of the San Diego School Liaison Officers  and they are dedicated to helping you and your children get the help you need. 


The end of summer brings the beginning of the so-called “fire season” here in southern California.  Of course, I like to say that there are two seasons here-rain and fire and the rain only seems to last for about 2 months at the most.  I am sure that many of you remember the wildfires of October 2008.  In the CAL FIRE jurisdiction 434,667 acres were burned, costing $298.3 million in suppression costs and $254.1 million in damage costs according to the CAL Fire website.  Many homes were evacuated, and damaged or lost.  This is the time to look at your emergency plan.  The Navy has Operation Prepare to help you with this.  Even if you don’t carry a military ID card you can access the information you need at their website  Take the time to make a emergency kit in the event that a disaster occurs.  Remember that you will need to be able to care for yourself, dependents and pets for 3 days, just in case you aren’t able to be reached right away. 


In an effort to ensure that the Chain of Command is able to account, assess, manage, and monitor the recovery process the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System was created. If you are already on your Sailor’s page 2 (typically a spouse and child) you are already in the system but make sure all of the information is up to date by going to  If you are unable to get online you can call the 24-Hour Navy Emergency Coordination Center at 1-877-414-5358. 


Be on the lookout for a new Ombudsman website.  The IT’s on the ship are working with me to create a new, more secure website through which I can help you.  As this website comes online I will pass out more information.  A huge thank you goes out to the IT’s, especially IT1 Kangas, for working with me on this.


I look forward to seeing you at the Command Picnic on September 19, 2008.  Have a great month!


Heather Cox

Command Ombudsman

USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)

(619) 743-5416 OMB line

1-866-310-4650 Careline


Family Support Group News


Dear JPJ Families and Friends,


Summer is winding down and children are heading back to school. The FSG will be contributing to the Command BBQ on September 19 by providing two moon walk bouncers and financial support. Don't forget to have your sailor pay the $4/ family member fee for the picnic. This can be paid to the MWR representative on the ship. The FSG is continuing to take nominations for the position of Secretary for the FSG. We are also seeking a chairperson or Co-chairs for the children's committee. If you are interested in either of these important positions and have a few hours a month to volunteer please reply to the FSG email at I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the picnic. Enjoy the time with your sailor while the ship continues to be in the yards.


Julie Gushlaw, JPJ FSG President

Special News Alert!


Are you a military tenant whose landlord is facing foreclosure? If so here are some important things for you to know from Naval Base San Diego:


1.      While some local districts may require longer notice, NEW California law requires 60 day notice of eviction.


2.     Military tenants displaced from leased or rental properties due to landlord forclosure may be eligible for transportation of household goods.  Contact PSD and keep all paperwork pertaining to the foreclosure.  Changes in this policy are  retroactive to July 30, 2008.

3.     Relief may be sought through the Service Members Relief Act to delay court proceedings.  Check with Navy Legal to get more information.

4.     Service Members may be approached by a third party offering “cash for keys”, which is an attempt to get the Service Member to leave earlier than the required 60 days notice.  The tenant now has the so called upper hand and can negotiate a more appropriate deal for leaving early or waving any part of the 60 day notice.

5.     If you are going to rent, check out the property records to see if a notice of default has been issued for the property.  This will help avoid unnecessary problems as a notice of default is a precursor for foreclosure.

6.     All Members and their dependents should seek assistance from their local Navy Legal Office if they are facing this problem.











Navy Trivia:

Traditionally, from what is a tattoo of a pig on one leg of a sailor

and a rooster (cock) on the other supposed to protect a sailor?


A.  Sharks

B.  Evil

C.  Command Master Chief Kramer

D.  Drowning

Important Dates in History!


September is National Preparedness Month  : This is the month for you to make sure that you are ready for any emergency situation may crop up.  Take some time to make a plan and a kit to use in the event that there is an emergency that requires you to fend for yourself or evacuate.  Go to to check out Operation Prepare’s website for ideas and tips and to the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System website,, to acquaint yourself with the system.  The American Red Cross also has some great information on their website ( to help you prepare.  Don’t be caught unprepared!



September 1, 1942 - Establishment of Air Force, Pacific Fleet, VADM Aubrey W. Fitch, USN


September 5, 1776 - Adoption of first uniforms for Navy officers


September 7, 1864 - USS Wachusett captures CSS Florida at Bahia, Brazil


September 10, 1813 - In Battle of Lake Erie, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, flying his "Don't give up the ship" flag, defeats British squadron and says: "We have met the enemy and they are ours..."


September 13, 1939 - Navy suspends transfers to the Fleet Reserve after 20 years service and retains men on active duty.


September 17, 1787 signing of the U.S. Constitution


September 22, 1776 - John Paul Jones in Providence sails into Canso Bay, Nova Scotia, and attacks British fishing fleet.


September 23, 1779 - Captain John Paul Jones in Continental Navy frigate Bonhomme Richard captures HMS Serapis.


September 24, 1960 - First nuclear powered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVAN-65), launched at Newport News, VA


September 30, 1954 - Commissioning at Groton, CT, of USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the world's first nuclear-powered ship




This Resource is for You!


School Liaison Officers (SLO)

The Navy is bringing a new program online to help provide an advocate for military children and help provide the best possible educational environment.  This program  has been utilized by the Army and Air Force successfully and the Navy is looking to meet or exceed  their level of success.    As many of you may have had to deal with, military children, who typically move every couple of years, can have problems moving from one school district to another due to differences in the school systems.  A School Liaison Officer’s principal purpose is to serve as an agent between parents, educators and the command so that military-connected children experience a smooth transition during the transfer between schools.  

The School Liaison Officer serves as an advocate for the military child at all levels of the K-12 education process, coordinating services for military children and their parents with internal organizations including but not limited to all Fleet and Family Support Programs (FFSP), Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Child and Youth Program (CYP) activities as well as external organizations such as the Armed Services YMCA, Healthy Start Military Family Cluster, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

The School Liaison Officer serves as subject matter expert in education-related issues such as Military Impacted Schools, Department of Education, Colleges and Vocational schools and financial aid institutions.

Currently there are two School Liaison Officers but the Navy is in the process of employing more SLOs. 

For more information please go to

If you are out of the San Diego area but would still like more information on a SLO in your area please contact either of the SLO’s listed below

San Diego School Liason Officers/Southwest Regional School Liaison Officers


Linda Bosia                                                                                          Catalina Szilvagyi

School Liaison Officer                                                                        School Liaison Officer
(858) 431-6482                                                                                    (619) 991-2509                                                       


Regional School Liason Officers

Navy Region Hawaii:                                                      Navy Region Mid-Atlantic:         

Ruth Davis                                                                    John Hammer

(808) 474-1999 ex. 6316                                                 (757) 445-9172                                                

Navy Region Southeast:                                                            Navy Region Northwest

Sallie Galyean                                                               Jennifer McKee

(912) 573-0997                                                               (360) 396-4019                                       


Navy Region Europe

Glovinia Harris 


Ask the Ombudsman!

Question:  I am pregnant and need to know what to do if my baby comes when my sailor is underway. 


Answer:   Congratulations!  Having been pregnant during two deployments, I completely understand the worry.  I was fortunate that Adam got home two weeks prior to each child being born but I am a planoholic so being unsure if he would make it was quite nerve racking.


The first thing that needs to be said is that I am sure the Command will do everything they can to get your sailor home, however this is not always possible and is based on the needs and availability of the ship and Navy.  For whatever reason some Sailors are just not able to come home and you will want to make sure you have planned for that possibility. Who will watch any other kids you may have?  What about pets?  Typically “normal” births require a 24-48 hour stay after delivery but what if a complication occurs or if your labor takes longer than “usual”?  This are all things that you need to plan for whether or not your Sailor is able to be home with you.  I am a big proponent of over planning because then your bases are covered.


That being said,  your Sailor needs to talk to his Chain of Command (COC) and fill out leave paperwork.  As with anything, if your Sailor keeps his COC informed they are able to be more proactive in preventing SNAFU’s from occurring and  gives the COC a chance to help plan what will happen in case this does occur.  There is a way to fill out the leave paperwork so that leave starts after the baby is born, so if your Sailor is unsure of how to do this he needs to speak with his COC.


Next, your Sailor needs to take with him any paperwork that could be needed to cross the border, in case they are in a foreign port if he is able to come home.  A passport would be the best thing, but if nothing else your Sailor’s birth certificate, driver’s license and military ID card.  Also, make sure that you have money set aside in case a plane ticket is needed. 


When you go into labor the hospital can send a Red Cross message for you and/or you can contact me.  This way we can get word to the ship as quickly as possible.  My suggestion is to do both.  Have someone call me and make sure they know your husband’s rank and division and also have the Red Cross message sent.  Red Cross messages can take some time but by doing both you Sailor gets the message quickly while it is also “confirmed” by the Red Cross.


I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck!


Would you like a question answered that others may need  an answer to?  Please email me at, call the Careline (1-866-310-4650)and leave a message or call me directly on the OMB cell phone!



Navy Trivia Answer:   D.  Drowning


A tattoo of a pig on one leg of a sailor and a rooster (cock) on the other is a charm against drowning.


Source:  Smith Sr., Daniel. "Navy Historical Facts and Trivia."  State Guard Association of the United States.  3 August  2008.     < >.       




Sailors love snail mail!  Although we have the convenience of email, don’t forget to send letters and packages to your loved one at sea!  Send mail to:


Service Member’s Name


FPO AP 96669-1271


Remember…sailors love snail mail!


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Education is the cornerstone of our communities and our country.
~Bill Frist

~Former U.S. Senator from Tennessee

~Born: February 2, 1952