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March 2008                                                                                  Issue 3

CO’s Corner

 Greeting’s JPJ Families,


            We’ve safely made it through the first quarter of deployment.  It feels like we’ve spent most of our time running from and being in bad weather, but the crew has done an amazing job keeping the ship and all its sailors safe. 

            Our first port visit to Guam was quite a bit different than last summer.  Though winter time, it was still relatively warm, but with very little humidity.  It was a refreshing relief from last summer where it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity.  The crew participated in many community relations projects as well as a few sporting competitions against the USS Higgins.  Yes, JPJ won them all!  After 3 weeks underway, we relaxed and enjoyed some good island liberty as well. 


   After leaving Guam, we headed northwest to join up with the rest of the Nimitz Strike Group.  Soon after our rendezvous, we commenced our first bi-lateral exercise.  Working with the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is always exciting, and this was no different.  The four day Under Sea Warfare Exercise was a lot of hard work, but JPJ proudly did its job of defending the Nimitz against enemy submarines.  I was very proud of our Sonar and Combat watch teams. 

            Of course while all this was going on, the ship still continued with its daily routine of cleaning, preservation and training.  No area is left alone as we prepare for future exercises and our ULTRA-S in late March.  The crew is doing extremely well, working very hard, and studying for advancement exams, watch station qualifications, Enlisted Surface Warfare Pins and onboard college courses. 


            Probably the most exciting event of deployment so far was our underway replenishment for fuel with the USS Nimitz.  Due to some problems on Nimitz, we were delayed for about an hour so we pulled up along side at 500 yards and watch flight deck operations.  Once Nimitz was ready and we went alongside (at 130 feet), they continued to conducted flight operations.  The crew loved it as we had everyone not on watch topside taking pictures. 


            As you read this we will have finished up our port visit in South Korea and will be involved in another bi-lateral exercise with the Republic of Korea navy.  Another great opportunity for JPJ to show her stuff.  To our FSG and Ombudsman, keep up the good work as I am getting very positive feedback of the great things you are doing for the JPJ family.


Christopher K. Barnes

CDR                    USN

Commanding Officer


CMC’s Corner

Hello JOHN PAUL JONES Family and Friends,
                                    month down and three to go!  Crew enjoyed a nice relaxing port
visit in Guam.  JPJ sports teams showed off their skills by beating USS
HIGGINS in soccer and softball.  Teams are looking forward to the rematch
when we return to Guam.  COMREL was very successful, numerous crew members volunteer their time to help out at Animal Shelters,
                                    clean up & paint schools and install computers.  Underway the crew held poker
                                    tournaments, Madden Football 2008 tournament and Bingo.  Tour De Pacific started back up and
                                    STG3 Frederick is leading the way but there are plenty of people on his heal to catch up with him.  I'll keep you posted on all the leaders and/or winners.  JPJ
                                    Idol is back by popular demand along with Battle of the Bands,
                                    secret is that the Wardroom has been practicing!  Once again S-2 put on 5 star
                                    meal for January & February birthdays, very impressive.       
                                    Now were in Busan, Korea and I think the crew prefers the warm weather of Guam.  Again over 60 crew members volunteered their time to help out at a locate orphanage, it was very rewarding
                                    seeing the smiles on those children's faces and along with the Sailors too.    
                                    I would like to personally recognize some outstanding JPJ Sailors on their recent achievements.  Good job shipmates and keep up the great work!
Carrier Strike Group 11 Sailor of the Quarter:  GSM1 Vick
Sailor of the Week:
OSSN Bittner                 
                                    IT3(SW) St.John
 Navy Achievement Medal:
ENS Murphy                   
                                    ICC(SW) Beach
                                    DCC(SW) Gaydos               
QMC(SW) Conaway             
                                     FC1(SW) Bassen


FC1(SW) Bozung               
                                    FC1(SW) Romero
                                    ET2(SW) Stoudemire
                                    Link               DC2
GSE2(SW) Schultz             
                                    SK2(SW) Hairfield
                                    OS2(SW) Lopez
                                    FC2(SW) Phillips
                                    FC2 Swenson
FC3 Blake                    
                                    IC3 Ochsner
IC3 Robinson                 
                                    GM3(SW) Shaver 
                                    Conduct Medal:
HMC(SW) Newman               
                                    BM1(SW) Kinyon
                                    GSM2(SW) Dummer
                                    Lafferty              PS2(SW)
GSM2(SW) Schad               
                                    FC2 Swenson
Letter of Commendation:
OS2 Fisher                   
                                    FC2 Hinson
BM2(SW) Samamiego             GM2 Schlotterbeck
GM2 Tyler                    
                                    SN Hendrix
SN Mendiola                  
                                    SN Paquin
 Enlisted Surface Warfare Qualification:
                                    SK3(SW) Atchison
                                    SHSN(SW) Brumfield
                                    new JPJ Baby:
ENFN Swan's wife Allison gave birth to their
                                    daughter Addison on 02FEB08.
Very Respectfully, 
CMDCM(SW) Karol M. Kramer





Hello JPJ Families and Friends:


I hope you are all well.   Life can be hectic but everyone seems to be doing a great job.  As the mid point approaches it is now time to take stock in the goals you have accomplished.  What was your goal?  What have you accomplished so far? What do you have left to do?  For myself, I wanted to learn to “chill” and that has yet to happen, although I do stay home a bit more than I did during last deployment.  This is also the time to start planning homecoming!


The FSG is in the beginning stages of homecoming planning and I hope that you will be joining us for the planning.  Remember, homecoming is your reward so why not join them in making this homecoming a memorable one.  


I also want to commend the FSG for their great activities!  So far this deployment they have planned date nights and children’s activities including dinner and a movie and Boomers.  Those who are able to attend seem to have a lot of fun and are meeting new people.  Please join us for future events.


Have a safe and happy month!



Heather Cox

Command Ombudsman

USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)

(619) 743-5416 OMB line

1-866-310-4650 Careline


Family Support Group News




Dear JPJ Families and Friends,


February was a busy month for the FSG. We had our Children’s Event at Boomers, our first Date Night and our monthly meeting. Both events went very well and fun was had by all who attended. Coming in this month our meeting will be March 4th at 6:30, the CeramiCafe Children’s event on March 2nd, Date Night on March 15th and our Half-way Party/Picnic on the 30th. I encourage everyone to attend each event that they can. This month’s meeting will feature a speaker from the FFSC presenting information on opportunities for spouses to go back to school and special funding just for military spouses for continuing education. We will also be discussing Homecoming and forming a Homecoming Committee. Please come and volunteer to help with homecoming whether on the committee or chairing the committee.


Hope to see you soon,


Julie Gushlaw, JPJ FSG President




United Through Reading


Don’t Forget United Through Reading®


There are so many benefits to reading aloud with your children.  When you read aloud with your child you send them a message: that you value them and the time you spend with them.  The bonding time that is associated with reading aloud is so important to your child’s emotional growth.  You also show them that reading is an enjoyable activity and that you believe it is important.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to read along with the recording you have received.  If you do not have a copy of the book, you can check it out from your local library.


Let your Sailor know their time was well spent.  Complete the Full Circle of communication by sending feedback to your Sailor about how the video is affecting your child.   Send a picture, an email, or even home video of your child interacting with the video of your Sailor reading aloud.  Let them know how much the video means and encourage them to make another tape!  Also, don’t forget to let, me your Home Front Coordinator know your family’s reactions to the videos you receive. My name is Jolene and you can reach me by e-mail at


Navy Trivia:

    The Enlisted woman’s first uniform did not contain which of the following items:

a.       single breasted coat

b.      long gull bottomed skirts

c.       straight-brimmed sailor hat

d.      brown shoes and stockings



Save the Date!

March is Women's History Month: On March 1, 2000 President William J Clinton signed the proclamation that every year Women’s History would be observed during the month of March.   In dedicating March to Women’s History he signed the proclamation which stated that [March] is about highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout our history, while recognizing the equally significant obstacles they had to overcome along the road to success... As we honor the past and celebrate the present, we must also focus on the future. Our choices today will have an enormous impact on the destiny of our daughters and grand-daughters, our sons and grandsons. For more information about Women’s History Month and President Clinton’s proclamation please check out

March 2:  In 1973 women begin pilot training to U.S. Navy.

March 21: In 1917 Loretta Walsh becomes first woman Navy petty officer when sworn in as Chief Yeoman.



Ask the Ombudsman!

Question: I heard that the ship is getting extended.  What’s going on?

Answer: The Navy term for rumor is scuttlebutt, which I find quite appropriate since it can certainly scuttle morale and it can be quite a pain in the rear.  It seems to me that every deployment this rumor goes around (no matter what service).  Sometimes it’s true but please remember to try to ignore rumor mill.  If you do hear a rumor, let me know.  I will tell you what I can and speak with the Command to find out what is up, if possible.  At this point, our sailors aren’t being extended.  How the rumor got started is a mystery but we haven’t been given any notice to this effect.  If anything changes, of course I will let you know but up till now this hasn’t happened. 


Question:  What’s up with email?  Every so often I get a “failure to deliver message” or my spouse’s email comes in a day after it was written.

Answer:  Email is a double edged sword.  It’s a great way to keep in touch but when it is causing problems it can be the bain of our existence!  Servers on land are hard enough to maintain and avoid problems with, but add to those dilemmas shipboard life and things can go haywire.  Ships rely on satellites for internet and email access, almost like a home wireless system.  When your wireless system has a problem you can generally easily walk over reset the computer and presto the email is back up.  However, when satellites are involved things can get a bit more tricky.  Weather, satellite and ship directions, and 24/7 lifestyle of a ship can all cause problems for internet and email access. Your sailors work hard to maintain the system.  Just be patient and remember, no news is good news and at least we don’t have to soley rely on snail mail!


This Resource is for You!



§  Partnership among:

o    Department of Defense

o    Department of Labor

o    State Governments

o    One-Stop Career Centers

o    Workforce Investment Boards

o    State Workforce Dev. Agencies

o    Military Services

o    Military Installations

o    Education Centers

o    Family Support Centers


§  Four goals:

o    Fund education, training, certification/licensing necessary for military spouses to have a career.

o    Provide valuable, trained workers to businesses.

o    Increase financial stability of military families

o    Support retention and readiness of US Armed Forces.


§  An amount of $3000 per year will be administered by the Department of Labor One-Stop Career Centers in support of the below items.  This amount is renewable for 1 year.  No repayment of funds is required.

o    Tuition

o    Books

o    Fees

o    Certification Testing

o    Licensing


§  Spouses eligible for CAA are:

o    Husband/wife of an active duty E1-E5 or O1-O3

o    At least one year remaining at current duty station

o    Assigned to a San Diego area command


§  Targeted career fields:

o    Financial Counselor

o    Banking

o    Network Administrator

o    Help Desk

o    Nurse’s Aide

o    Medical Transcription

o    Dental Assistant

o    Teacher’s Aide

o    Early Child Development


Call CNRSW FFSC NBSD at 619-556-9874 (Monte Jones) for more info


Navy Trivia Answer: D

The first enlisted women's uniform was comprised of a single breasted coat, blue in winter and white in summer, long gull bottomed skirts and a straight-brimmed sailor hat, blue felt in winter and white straw in summer, black shoes and stockings

 Source:  Smith Sr., Daniel. "Navy Historical Facts and Trivia."  State Guard Association of the United States.  5 January  2007.     < >.       



Sailors love snail mail!  Although we have the convenience of email, don’t forget to send letters and packages to your loved one at sea!  Send mail to:


Service Member’s Name


FPO AP 96669-1271


Remember…sailors love snail mail!


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You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when.

 You can only decide how you're going to live now.


~Joan Baez