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June 2008                                                         Issue 6

Great to be Home JPJ Families,


            In the last edition of the Newsletter, I mentioned all the

schedule changes.  I thought they were over, but I was obviously

wrong.  As you all know, we departed on time for Northern Edge to participate in a Joint Exercise with the other services, though most of our participation was to be with the Air Force.  After getting diverted behind Kodiak Island due to very bad weather, we made it to Seward Alaska for what turned out to be our first stop and the beginning of the feeling we were on the end of a yo yo string.


The City of Seward welcomed us with open arms and treated us to what I can only imagine is what small town America is like.  Whether the American Legion, the City Council, the various businesses or the local population, everyone was nice and very patriotic. It’s great to know bastions of our population still exist that sincerely appreciate the work your sailors do day in and day out. 

            We left Seward to commence the Northern Edge exercise, but again due to very poor weather, we were forced to return for another stay in Seward and experience more of their great hospitality.  The crew participated in many comrel projects, outdoor activities, and just relaxed.

            Once Northern Edge was cancelled, the push was for JPJ to return early from deployment, something we wrestled hard with as it would negatively impact our Tiger Cruise.  We were pushed out of Seward to beat the next storm, only to get caught up in yet another weather divert south.  We experienced some sea sicknesses and some minor damage to the ship, and instead of pulling into Esquimalt, BC, Canada, we sailed to Everett Washington as Esquimalt could not support our visit during their federal holiday. 

            We had a one week stay in Everett where everyone was able to enjoy some liberty while we prepared the ship for our return to San Diego.  Due to the constantly changing schedule, the Tiger Cruise was cancelled, but our return to San Diego stayed 27 May. 

            Your Sailors have been amazing these last four months.  Every task was accomplished, every mission was a success, and every opportunity was taken advantage of.  We now get some much deserved down time post deployment as we head into a twelve week maintenance period.  I am proud of each and every JPJ sailor.  They are the heroes of today and I relish this opportunity to serve with them.


Christopher K. Barnes

CDR                    USN

Commanding Officer


CMC’s Corner

Hello JOHN PAUL JONES Family and Friends,



      Yes we are finally home!  This last month of deployment was a

crazy one; we had so many changes that I’m sure it was driving our

family and friends nuts.  Crew was disappointed that they weren’t able

to show off their warship for the Tigers, but the most important part

is that we are all home safe and sound.  Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your family and friends on the pier to meet you for homecoming, thanks to everyone that helped make it all happen!  It’s awesome being back to our favorite port of all “HOME”!!    

      I would like to extend a “Congratulations on a job well done” to the following Sailors who were recently for sustained superior performance:


Senior Sailor of the Quarter: DC1(SW/AW) Foster

Junior Sailor of the Quarter: HM2(SW) Arnold

Bluejacket of the Quarter: SH3(SW) Daly


Sailor of the Week:


BM3 Pham                CTT3 Salinas


Navy Commendation Medal:


LT Belton               GSCS(SW) Caballero


Navy Achievement Medal:


LTJG View               CTTC(SW) Lovell         GSE1(SW) Cabamongan

OS1(SW) Davis            GSM1(SW) DeLeon         OS1(SW) Gray

FC1(SW) McGuire         FC1(SW) McKay           ET1(SW) Bowles

FC1(SW) Alcala          SK2 Hairfield           OS2(SW) Lopez    

FC1(SW) Nydegger        FC2(SW) Steck           FC2 Swensen

FC2 Blake               GSM2(SW) Dummer         OS2(SW) Fisher

DC2(SW) Gomez           BM2(SW) Hernandez       OS2(SW) Jenkins

FC2(SW) Johnson         YN2(SW) Lee             BM2(SW) Londono

CS2(SW) SeguraMartinez  ET2(SW) Snyder          IT2(SW) St John

OS2(SW) Temple           OS2(SW) Vang            HM3(SW) Saechao  

GM3(SW) Shaver          ET3(SW) Smith           CS3 Agbayani

GSM3(SW) Feliciano      ET3(SW) Garcia          BM3(SW) Hernandez

ET3 Weinrich            SH3(SW) Daly


 Flag Letter of Commendation:


FC1(SW) Fournier        GSM2(SW) Schad          FC2(SW) Camales

BM2 McKinney             FC2(SW) Yoder           GM3(SW) Glover

FC3 Moore                EN3 Negley              GM3 Wright

SN(SW) Hobart            OSSN Bittner            ENFN Swan


 Letter of Commendation:


ENS Soto                ITC(SW) Balcom          IT1(SW) Orr

CTM2(SW) Burnett        OS2(SW) Fisher          STG2(SW) Garcia  


PS2(SW) Miller          BM3 Nabors              SH3 Perez

CTM3(SW) Strueby        EM3 Barros              BM3 Pham

GSM3(SW) Verdugo        CSSN Barnes             YNSN Thomason

CSSN(SW) Baker          BMSN Cagle              SN Hendrix       

BMSN Mendiola           BMSN Paquin             DCFN Walker


Good Conduct Medal:


EMC(SW) Delmundo        GSE1(SW) Yang           DC2(SW) Kelly          

GSM3 Zuber


Apprenticeship Certificate:


EM2(SW) Cabrera  


Enlisted Surface Warfare Qualification:


STG2(SW) Barrett        FC2(SW) Camales         ET3(SW) Garcia         

IC3(SW) Robinson        OS2(SW) Jenkins         CTM2(SW) Burnett

CTM3(SW) Strueby        STG3(SW) Melillo        SK2(SW) Phaviseth

STG2(SW) Freeman        GM2(SW) Bradley         SHSN(SW) Daly


FC1(SW) Nydegger        BM3(SW) Chapman         BM3(SW) Pietras  

ET3(SW) Smith           NC1(SW) Winfield        OS2(SW) Brito

BM3(SW) Hernandez       FC2(SW) Hathway         STG3(SW) Metz

CS2(SW) Seguramartinez  HT3(SW) Turner          HT3(SW) Chase

QMSN(SW) Earls          CSSN(SW) Baker          OSSN(SW) Anguiano

OS3(SW) Gorospe


New Senior Chief Petty Officer:




New First Class Petty Officers:


BM1(SW) Devers          FC1(SW) Fournier        HT1(SW) Kester

FC1(SW) Nydegger        CTT1(SW) Ocana          BM1(SW) Samaniego

GSM1(SW) Villatorovaldes


New Second Class Petty Officers:


HM2(SW) Arnold          FC2 Blake               GM2(SW) Bradley

FC2(SW)Camales          FC2 Commiskey           DC2 Dail

ET2 Diaz                STG2(SW) Frederick      DC2(SW) Kelly

OS2 McClaskey           BM2 McKinney            CTT2 Murders

GM2 Ouimet              CS2(SW) Seguramartinez  FC2 Seto

IT2(SW) St. John        FC2 Sydnor              IT2(SW) Tierney


New Third Class Petty Officers:


EM3 Barros              IT3(SW) Chan            HT3(SW) Chase

IT3 Deardorff           EN3(SW) Dupard          CS3 Gardner

GM3(SW) Glover          OS3 Gorospe             CS3 Mann

GSM3 Martinito          EN3 Negley              GSE3 Santana

ET3(SW) Smith           AO3 Timmerman           GM3 Wright

Command Advancement Program:

ET1(SW) Bowles          SH3(SW) Daly


Very Respectfully,

CMDCM(SW) Karol M. Kramer

Command Master Chief





Welcome Home JPJ Sailors!


That’s a phrase that all of us have been wanting to say for quite some time!  This deployment

has been a lesson in patience, flexibility and more patience.  Homecoming was an exciting day.  The weather was perfect, if for no other reason than we got to see our loved ones come home.  But now that homecoming is over we need to put our lessons learned from this deployment into our lives now.  Patience and flexibility with each other is key to making the reunion as smooth as possible.  Remember, just as Homecoming Day isn’t perfect neither is any reunion as you reconnect with your sailor. 


There are many people that I want to thank for a variety of things during this deployment.  First, I want to thank the Command and their spouses, their support and patience has been greatly appreciated.  Next is the Family Support Group Board.  The FSG Board has done a great job of planning activities and doing everything they can to help their fellow FSG members throughout this deployment.  A special thank you goes to Mistianna Cerami, her homecoming committee and our sister ship, the USS Sampson, who did a wonderful job putting together our homecoming as well as those who helped with the lei.   Fourth, the spouses who offered their assistance to families in need of help.  These spouses are the epitome of what Navy spouses are thought to be-people who are willing to help whenever asked.  Finally, my thanks also goes out to VFW Post 1512, for their continued support of our Sailors and their families. 


With the beginning of the summer comes the end of the school year for many.  Please remember to keep an eye out for the children as they enjoy their play time.  They aren’t always careful or remember that the street isn’t theirs to play in.  Keep an eye out and enjoy a safe, memorable summer.


I wish you the best for your reunion and a safe and happy summer!


Heather Cox

Command Ombudsman

USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53)

(619) 743-5416 OMB line

1-866-310-4650 Careline


Family Support Group News


Dear JPJ Families and Friends,


As I sit here writing this I’m thinking, “Gosh, in less than twelve hours I will be standing on the pier awaiting the ship’s arrival”. I keep wondering is my house clean enough, did I put the laundry in, are the butterflies in my stomach normal? By the time you receive the newsletter homecoming will be a fond memory. It has been a rough deployment for a lot of us but I feel lucky that I had my friends from the support group to lean on.


On with the news from the FSG; our spring basket auction was a great success raising more than $1400 for the FSG. Thank you to all of our sailors who were generous enough to participate in the auction. Our June meeting has been canceled so that everyone may spend some quality time with his or her sailors during stand-down. The FSG has a new vice president, Mistianna Cerami, thank you Misti for taking on the position. The FSG will remain active during the time our sailors are in port and we are currently planning a get together to include all of the crew and families. I hope to see you at the July meeting.


Enjoy your time with your sailor,


Julie Gushlaw, JPJ FSG President


Save the Date!


June is National Fireworks Safety Month: Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth of July Celebration but if you aren’t careful some serious injuries can result from the use of fireworks.  Check out the Firework Safety Tips for ways to safely handle fireworks.


June 1, 1792 Kentucky became the 15th US State (Commonwealth)  


June 3, 1942  Battle of Midway began


June 6, 1944: Battle of Normandy begins - Operation Overlord, also known as D-Day, starts with the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy, France.  The allied soldiers that participated in the largest amphibious military operation in history helped liberate France from Germany and  weakened the Nazi Germany hold on Europe.




June 20, 1863 West Virginia became the 35th state.


June 25, 1950 Korean War began

June 28, 1919 Peace Treaty of Versailles was signed officially ending World War I


Navy Trivia:

                                     What is a George and a Bull?


A. an Ensign

B. an animal’s name

C. King of England

D. The Ombudsman’s dogs


Ask the Ombudsman!

Question: My sailor has come home but now I am concerned because things aren’t the same as they were before.  We don’t seem to connect the way we did before.  Is this normal?  What do we do?

Answer:  First, let me say that I am not a counselor.  I have not been trained to provide the help you may be searching for.  I can tell you from experience that every deployment brings some change.  You have both grown and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Think of this as a chance to get to know one another again and you get the unique opportunity to “recharge” your relationship.  If you have concerns about serious problems about your relationship there are several great resources for you to use.  These include the base chaplains, Fleet and Family Support and  Each of these resources provide confidential and licensed counseling.  If you need more information about it please let me know and I can help you get the resources you need.

                  Fireworks Safety            



July is coming fast upon us and with the beginning of July comes fireworks.  Below are some tips for working safely with fireworks from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Council on Fireworks Safety.

  • Always read and follow label directions.
  • Have an adult present.
  • Buy from reliable sellers.
  • Use outdoors only.
  • Always have water handy (a garden hose and a bucket).
  • Never experiment or make your own fireworks.
  • Light only one firework at a time.
  • Never re-light a "dud" firework (wait 15 to 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water).
  • Never give fireworks to small children.
  • If necessary, store fireworks in a cool, dry place.
  • Dispose of fireworks properly by soaking them in water and then disposing of them in your trashcan.
  • Never throw or point fireworks at other people.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  • Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.
  • The shooter should always wear eye protection and never have any part of the body over the firework.
  • Stay away from illegal explosives.

For more information on the laws for your state please go to:


This Resource is for You!

Homecoming Stress

Yes, this was here last month but it’s always good to repeat this  information!

The stress is gone because the sailors are home, right?  Well, not necessarily.  Just because the sailors are home doesn’t mean that the stress is gone-it has changed.  You are now having to deal with the difficulties of readjusting to life  with your sailor home.  If you need help to deal with these adjustments please get the help you need.  The last thing anyone wants is for you to feel stressed out or alone.  Here are some great resources for you. 

If you are eligible to shop at the Commissary:

Fleet and Family Support: 

In San Diego call: (619) 556-7404

Out of San Diego?  Check out


Call 1-877-4-1-TOUCH or check out


If you aren’t eligible to shop at the Commissary:

In San Diego: 211-this is an information referral hotline (an Ombudsman for the civilian world)


Outside of San Diego:  Many places offer services like 211.  Check out your local phone book.  Also, you could try speaking with your spiritual advisor.


These resources are not the only resources available, simply some of the most common resources to use.  Contact your ombudsman if you need a different resource as well.


Disclaimer:  The Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and Navy Personnel Command do not endorse any commercial enterprise or their websites that may be found within this section.   Information on any commercial enterprise or their websites are provided because of the useful information provided on these sites at no cost to the visitor.



Navy Trivia Answer: A    

The most junior Ensign on the ship is called the J.O.R.G. (George) Ensign while the most senior Ensign is called the Bull Ensign.  The  insignia worn by both of these Ensigns are not officially authorized but are traditionally kept within the Command.  The Bull Ensign, who wears enlarged Ensign bars with the word “BULL”  imprinted on them, is traditionally expected to mentor junior ensigns of the wardroom, is directly responsible for the JORG and may wear a bull horned hard hat at social functions.   The J.O.R.G. normally serves as the Vice-President of the mess at formal military dinners and has key responsibilities for the success of this important military social event. The JORG is typically the collector and manager of the Wardroom Fund. Some of the various incidental duties of the JORG may also include maintaining the senior officer of the wardroom's Government-Owned Vehicle (GOV), setting up projectors and screens for General Military Training (GMT) and various other tasks. 


Sailors love snail mail!  Although we have the convenience of email, don’t forget to send letters and packages to your loved one at sea!  Send mail to:


Service Member’s Name


FPO AP 96669-1271


Remember…sailors love snail mail!


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Father’s Day



























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